Choosing a name for your company

choose a name You have the idea, created your business plan and are ready to take on the business world with your new company, but wait – you need a name! A company name plays a crucial part in the success of a business. Recent studies show that potential customers are very influenced by first impressions, within seconds they will have made a judgement and a decision to use your services or not based on your name and brand.

If you’re working in a competitive market your company name and brand need to stand out, make a statement and draw a customer in. With that in mind, it’s therefore important to take time out to come up with a name that is going to represent your business and you!

Your company name will be on everything: business cards, website, products and anything else associated with your company. Do you see how important the decision will be? You will have to feel comfortable and proud saying it to people, introducing yourself and also confident to market your company name.

Finding an original company name can be hard

With the number of new businesses starting up each year in the UK, finding a business name that you like but is also available can be tricky. As you can imagine, a common mainstream name will no doubt already have been taken, but don’t despair you will find a name eventually, one that will fit just right for you and your business.

When you start to form your new company you will be able to see if the company name you have chosen is available for you to use. Sometimes the best way forward is to opt for a totally ‘made up’ name, the chances of that company name already being used is remote! Maybe create a name out of something meaningful or how about an anagram?

Whatever route you take to find your perfect company name, make sure you’re happy with it before you start. Also run it through Google to make sure it hasn’t been taken or if it has any other meanings!